A deeply rooted, 130-year history combined with our strategically focused mindset, has fostered our continued growth and positioned us to be the leading agency we are today.


The agency was founded under the name Raymond & Raymond in 1884, and later changed its name to Robert W. Wolf & Co. to reflect the primary owner, Robert W. Wolf.


Later the agency went on to change its name once again to reflect the partnership between Robert H. Wolf and William J. Hulbert, two of Detroit’s most well-known and respected insurance professionals.


Looking for ways to continue to grow and offer additional opportunities to clients, Wolf-Hulbert purchased the Birmingham Insurance Agency.


In 1987, Wolf-Hulbert purchased the Wells-McCann insurance agency, setting the stage for strategic growth in the following years.


Looking to expand into additional markets and bring clients additional resources, Wolf-Hulbert purchased the J.P. Roy & Associates insurance agency in 1989.


To better position the agency for future growth, a turnover in the agency's leadership occurred when John T. Frye, Jr. and Matthew P. Kunz began the five-year purchase process of Wolf-Hulbert.


Managing Partners John T. Frye, Jr. and Matthew P. Kunz merged the leading insurance agency with the top 100 U.S. accounting firm, Doeren Mayhew. In January 2014, the combined entity Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group opened its doors, uniting these complementary services to offer a one-stop shop for business owners and executives.


In September 2018, Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group purchased the Bridges-Tenjeras Insurance Agency of Rochester, MI, furthering their regional imprint.


Today, we are focused on delivering proactive risk management solutions to our clients with an eye toward the future. In leveraging our history of successfully protecting the financial health of individuals and businesses alike, our team of dedicated insurance specialists are well-positioned for continued growth.