7 Insurance Tips to Begin Disaster Recovery Efforts

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey devastated many across the southern part of the United States. Whether your business was impacted by these storms or you’re wondering how your business might recover from such a natural disaster, understanding the insurance claim process can be insightful in the recovery phase. Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group offers these seven insurance tips to help you and your business recover followin... more

Building Business Continuity with Life Insurance

[caption id="attachment_11517" align="alignright" width="175"] By Mike Martinez, CLU, ChFC, AEP, Director, Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group[/caption] Successful companies are made up of key employees and strong leaders, so it’s important to keep business continuity on top of mind to ensure your legacy continues to live after your exit. Furthermore, business continuity planning is vital to the owner’s company and famil... more

Understanding SERPs and Its Employee Benefits

By Mike Martinez, CLU, ChFC, AEP, Director, Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group It’s no secret that your employees are the most valuable resource in your company. In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, highly talented people are in demand. You probably have one or more highly talented and highly compensated employees in your organization. It would be safe to say they are probably on a competitor’s or cus... more

Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group Partners with Michigan Physician Society

NEWS RELEASE TROY, MICH. – July 19, 2016 – Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, a Michigan-based insurance agency, has partnered with the Michigan Physician Society (MPS) and the Professional Casualty Association (PCA) to offer the Express Medical Malpractice Insurance Checkup and exclusive insurance discounts to MPS Members. Through Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, the agency for the program, MPS members will now receive a ... more

Does Your Life Insurance Portfolio Match Your Needs?

By Chuck Scrafano, Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group You were proactive and put a life insurance portfolio in place.  But how long ago was it done?  Have changes in your life resulted in changes to your life insurance needs? Some things need regular maintenance for them to function for you – life insurance is one of them. To ensure that your life insurance is up-to-date and covers your family's evolving needs, it’s imp... more

Tips for Staying Safe on the Winter Roads

Thousands of people are injured or killed every winter because of overconfidence or unpreparedness while driving in dangerous conditions. It is important for everyone to keep safety tips in mind while driving in wintry conditions. The first step is making sure a vehicle is equipped. Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group has put together the following tips to keep your vehicle operating optimally this winter: Make sure the vehi... more

What Homeowners Need To Know About The Claims Payment Process

When a claims adjuster inspects the damage to a home after an insurance claim is filed, the insurance company will offer a certain amount for the necessary repairs. It is important to remember that the first check from the insurance company is typically an advance payment and not the final check. However, an upfront settlement may be offered in some situations. These fronted amounts are beneficial when homeowners need mon... more

Applicable Large Employers Must Send Full-Time Employees Form 1095-C

Under the Affordable Care Act, many employers are required to offer their full-time employees and the dependents of those employees health insurance. In addition to this, the employers must provide their workers with annual statements to show the insurance options available to them. To make this easier, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) developed Form 1095-C. Who Must Provide Health Coverage? The new law says that applic... more

Why Businesses Need Cyber Insurance and What it Covers

Many businesses do not understand just how important cyber insurance is or why they need it. One of the most common targets for cyber thieves is big law firms. Experts say that these firms have large amounts of the personal data that cyber criminals want. In addition to this, large firms typically store plenty of corporate data, trade secrets and other protected information. What Does Cyber Insurance Cover? There are seve... more

What Homeowners Need to Know to Safely Winterize their Homes

When winter months approach, it is time for homeowners to start securing their homes for protection against wind, snow, ice and all other harsh elements. The most common causes of damage to homes during the colder months are hail, rain and wind. Where To Start The roof is the best place to start when winter-proofing a home. All types of severe weather will stress shingles over time. Whether it is wind tugging at them or d... more
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