Group & Employee Benefits Planning

As end-of-year planning begins, we are dedicated to supporting your employee benefit needs.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we ease the burden of planning your employee benefits package to support your employees’ unique health and wellness needs.

Our experienced Group Employee Benefits experts leverage their time-tested knowledge and tech-enabled administration tools to deliver customized employee benefit solutions. From wellness programs to health reimbursement arrangements, including an unlimited range of self-funded plan options, our programs maximize budgets, enhance employee loyalty, and provide premium benefits.

Technology that’s ahead of the curve.

Our end-to-end benefits administration tool, Employee Navigator, makes it easier to attract and retain great talent by offering an all-in-one employee benefits solution. In today’s virtual climate, it is paramount that businesses offer a paperless, cloud-based benefits management tool. See more videos here to learn about the additional features Employee Navigator offers.

Offer an impressive benefit package with ease.

See how Employee Navigator and Doeren Mayhew’s Group Employee Benefits team can add value to and improve productivity for your employees and human resources team members. Learn more about our offerings or set up a consultation to discuss your 2024 benefits plan. We look forward to working with you.

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