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We take vacations to recharge and release the inevitable stress that comes with real life. As we delegate our workload at the office or plan to have our neighbors water the plants in our home garden, it’s also important to make preparations that help us achieve much-needed peace of mind that our homes or offices will be protected while we are on vacation.

With homeownership and running a business comes the responsibility to safeguard your physical space and assets when you take some time off. We have the time-tested expertise to help you consider new or updated insurance coverage that will ensure financial protection if something happens when you’re away. At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we help individuals and businesses alike achieve long-term protection of your valued assets no matter what may come your way.

Below, we share some other important things you can do to protect your home or office while you are on vacation.

Smart Technology

Vacation-proof your home or office with smart technology that includes everything from lighting timers and motion-sensing security cameras to programmable thermostats and smart locks. These innovative tools will help you keep tabs on your property while you’re away, and will also deter criminals.

Keep Quiet

Be sure to only let trusted friends, family, and colleagues know that you plan to vacate for a while. Do not announce your vacation plans on social media, outgoing messages, or email auto-replies to prevent the wrong people from knowing that your property will be unoccupied while you’re away.

Hide Valuables

You may close the curtains and blinds to hide the inactivity in your home or office while you’re on vacation. Although this may be an effective deterrent, you may also consider hiding your assets from those who may find a way to enter your property. Keeping them hidden also adds a level of protection in the event of a burst pipe or other on-site accident that may pose a threat to your valuables.

Unplug Electronics

Your TVs, desktop computers, and toasters don’t need to stay on while you’re out of the house. Consider unplugging them to protect your home or office from electrical fires that could cause serious damage. You’ll also save money on your energy bills when you unplug nonessential electronic equipment while they’re not in use.

Shut Off Water

Avoid costly indoor flooding damage by shutting off the water in your home or office before you pack up and head out on vacation. You can turn off the water main or individual water supplies to things like your dishwasher or washing machine.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we deliver customized insurance solutions that protect your valued assets when unexpected things happen. Contact us to learn more about how to protect your home or office while you are on vacation, or to schedule a consultation today.