Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group wants to share our recommendations and tips to protect your home and keep your family safe during the extremely cold temperatures expected over the coming weeks.

The following guidance offers safety against any frozen or burst pipes in the home:

  • Check every faucet and toilet daily to ensure they run properly, especially for fixtures or faucets located on exterior walls
  • Leave cabinet doors slightly open to allow air circulation and prevent pipes from freezing
  • Leave bathroom and kitchen faucets dripping with both hot and cold water to keep water running through pipes
  • If your exterior water has remained on during the winter months, make sure the hose bibs are disconnected
  • Confirm that furnaces are operating properly, with temperatures kept between 65°F and 70°F
  • Check gutters for any visible ice build up and clear any ice damming to prevent potential water backup into the home

In the event you experience a burst pipe, immediately shut off your main water supply.

Contact us if you have any questions — we want our client’s homes to be well taken care of, especially during the colder season. If you need to file a claim, you can reach out to our Claims Manager below, or file a claim online.

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