As you venture back out into the world, you may find yourself on the road more often. As we look forward to long drives with the top down and taking trips with family or friends, there are a lot of great reasons to get behind the wheel this summer. However, it’s important to be mindful of these common summertime driving hazards that may pose a threat to your safety on the road.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we provide guidance to individuals in securing customized insurance solutions. Our innovative risk management services help our clients maintain financial stability in the face of unforeseen circumstances. But, it’s not enough to ensure you have the insurance coverage you need to protect your cars or other vehicles on the road.

Read below to learn about common summertime driving hazards and how you can safeguard your physical well-being — as well as your financial health — while driving this season.

Tire Flats & Blowouts

As temperatures rise in the warmer months, the air in your car tires expands. This increases the likelihood of tire flats and blowouts which can lead to car accidents and other dangerous situations. Checking your tires’ air pressure (including the air in your spare tire) often will help you maintain proper air levels.

Sharing the Road

More people ride their bicycles and motorcycles during the summer so drivers and cyclists must share the road safely. Always check your blind spots when changing lanes, making turns, or going into or out of parking spots. Understanding local bike patterns and giving riders at least 3 feet of space will also go a long way.

Work Zones

An increase in construction during the summer means that drivers will likely encounter more roadblocks, detours, and frustrating traffic jams. When you’re driving in a work zone, be sure to avoid distractions, speeding, and tailgating in order to ensure work zone safety this summer.

Summer Storms

Summer storms can create dangerous driving conditions very quickly with heavy rainfall and strong winds. Use extreme caution if you find yourself driving on slick, slippery roads cluttered with debris. Driving slowly and remaining vigilant is important when the summer storms roll in.

Whether you plan to take a road trip or stay close to home in the coming months, it’s important to minimize risk ahead of getting behind the wheel. Understanding common summertime driving hazards can help you prepare for a safe season ahead. At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we deliver peace of mind through customized insurance solutions — auto, home, life, and more.

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