Halloween brings families, friends, and neighbors together for a night of trick-or-treating and other holiday activities that take place in and around the home. As homeowners, you may want to get in on the fun and add spooky decor to your front lawn or wear a festive costume. But, it will be equally rewarding to ensure you have the right insurance coverage in place should any unfortunate mishaps occur.

While you may not consider Halloween to be a high-risk holiday, we help clients like you stay protected when welcoming trick-or-treaters and other guests to your house. We offer specialized guidance in securing a homeowners insurance policy that adequately covers your unique liabilities. From fire hazards and slips and falls to vandalism, there are a number of related claims that could prove costly. Read below to learn more about some of the most common homeowners insurance risks on Halloween.

Fire Hazards

The potential for residential fires tends to rise around Halloween. Whether these fires are caused by open flames or electrical malfunctions, they may have disastrous consequences during what should be a playful holiday.

To stay safe, stick with battery-operated candles in your pumpkins and keep all flammable decorations away from heat sources. While standard homeowners insurance policies typically protect against damage or repairs associated with home fires, it’s important to talk to your trusted broker about any additional coverage you may need.

Slips & Falls

When homeowners decorate their homes for Halloween, the risk that someone may slip or fall while navigating holiday displays increases. Homeowners may face claims if a visitor hurts themselves and the property owner is found to be at fault. That’s why creating a safe environment with well-lit walkways, uncluttered spaces, and decor that will not fall down or otherwise cause harm is essential to preventing slips and falls on your property this Halloween.


While spooking friends may be considered harmless fun on Halloween, some pranks may actually lead to vandalism — which is a serious crime. Significant damage or theft to your property can lead to financial stress that can be prevented with the right insurance coverage. Homeowners insurance policies should cover deliberate acts of destruction, but you should ensure that your unique plans for Halloween decor do not increase your risk potential that may necessitate additional coverage.

While Halloween is a festive time that brings friends and families together, it also brings with it a new set of insurance risks for homeowners. At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we help homeowners minimize risk associated with common liabilities that may increase at different times of the year, including during holidays such as Halloween. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation today.

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