As the holiday season approaches, millions of people will invest a lot of time and money into planning domestic and international travel. Whether you’re looking to book a flight to escape the dropping temperatures on a tropical island, or you’re packing your family up to visit relatives and celebrate the holidays together, your plans need to be protected. From the need for emergency medical attention, to replacing lost or stolen luggage, there are any number of unfavorable circumstances that have the potential to threaten your financial stability during your travels.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we specialize in proactively protecting your travel plans and financial health by offering customized travel insurance policy options. Travel insurance offers many benefits that affect different parts of your travel itinerary, including transportation, accommodations, and personal liability concerns. Our travel insurance solutions offer convenient, comprehensive coverage in the face of unforeseen travel interruptions, accidents, and other travel assistance needs.

While holiday travel provides an exciting escape from our daily routines, and often involves visiting loved ones or exploring a new destination, it also comes with increased risks around travel issues, sickness, and theft. In securing proper travel insurance coverage, you are safeguarding your financial security so that you can focus on making your trip as enjoyable and safe as possible. Learn more about the top five benefits of travel insurance this holiday season below.

1. Protection against travel interruptions

With the sheer volume of travelers that leave home around the holidays, and the winter weather that causes unfavorable traveling conditions, it’s no surprise that there’s an increase in travel interruptions at this time of year. Travel insurance provides coverage for costs related to last-minute cancellations, missed connections, and any new reservations that you may need to book as a result of the aforementioned travel interruptions.

2. Financial recovery for medical costs

Travel insurance offers exceptional benefits to travelers who may experience sickness or injury while traveling. Most policies will cover costs or reimburse you for any out-of-pocket costs related to medical treatment. Medical transport, evacuation, and prescriptions may also be covered.

3. Coverage for personal possessions

Even if you try to travel light, you most likely carry important items when you travel. From electronics to clothing, your personal possessions are valuable and need protection. In the event that these items are lost, stolen, or damaged, travel insurance coverage allows you to spend the money you need to recover, replace, or repair your possessions without worry.

4. Personal liability coverage

When you travel, you may rent cars and stay in hotels or other rented spaces. Travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage for accidental damage to property or injury to a third person. Policy options with personal liability coverage offer specific protection against insurance claims that may be filed in reference to events that took place while you were traveling.

5. Other travel assistance services

Additional benefits of travel insurance may include 24/7 emergency travel assistance to help resolve issues around identity theft, terrorism, or war-related events, and other unforeseen circumstances that may affect your travel plans.

Out-of-pocket costs can add up, so travel insurance and the related services that it offers can help protect your financial security this holiday season. At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we will help you understand your options in getting the right travel insurance coverage this holiday season. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of travel insurance and how our comprehensive insurance solutions can help you and your family have peace of mind while traveling this year.