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In addition to being mandated in most states, auto insurance offers financial protection in the event of damage, theft, personal injury, and other liabilities. In fact, no-fault insurance is required by law in Michigan and covers medical expenses, replacements, and damage that results from a car accident without regard for who caused the accident.

Commercial auto insurance provides essential coverage for vehicles used to conduct your business such as a car, taxi, van, or truck. While commercial auto and personal auto insurance offer similar benefits in the types of protections they offer, commercial auto insurance extends the level of liability protection to your business in the event of a serious collision or other event.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we understand the complexities of selecting the best auto insurance in Michigan. As with our other personal insurance offerings, auto insurance not only saves time and inconvenience when the unforeseen happens, but it delivers peace of mind that you’re financially protected. We help Michigan car owners in Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, and Franklin meet their personal and commercial auto needs with highly-customized insurance solutions.

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Auto insurance quotes are calculated with consideration for the kind of car you drive, your age, where you live and drive, your driving history, and other important factors. Car insurance prices are also affected by the amount of coverage that you need. Full coverage, for example, comes with higher liability limits and collision and comprehensive coverage. Securing other types of auto insurance coverage, including gap insurance, rental car reimbursement coverage, and roadside assistance, may affect your rates as well.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we provide custom solutions to meet your personal and commercial auto insurance needs. Our auto insurance coverage for your Michigan vehicles in Troy, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin can protect your financial security from the unexpected. 

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