Mental health has emerged as a significant topic of conversation lately. Rightfully so, with approximately 21% of adults, over 50 million Americans, experiencing a mental illness.

It’s widely recognized that how employers do or do not support their team members’ mental wellness directly impacts employee productivity, absenteeism, and overall job satisfaction.

In fact, ongoing research shows that employee experience is directly correlated with an organization’s ability to recession-proof their business. That’s why it’s more important than ever for employers to provide benefits that prioritize mental health to create a positive work environment — and foster a culture of well-being.

Read on to learn how business owners can support their employees’ mental wellness with a number of group insurance benefits.

Health Insurance Coverage

According to The State of Mental Health in America 2023, 28% of adults with a mental illness  reported that they were not able to receive the treatment they needed. These individuals reported they did not receive care because they could not afford it (42%), didn’t know where to go to get services (27%), and health insurance wasn’t paying enough (17%). A McKinsey survey from 2021 revealed a disconnect between employer and employee perspectives on mental health, showing that while nearly 80% of employers reported at least some concern about employee mental health overall, 67% of employees with a mental illness reported that it is challenging to access care.

Luckily, many employers are prioritizing mental health, with about 70% reporting they plan to invest in these resources by starting, continuing, or expanding benefits. By providing comprehensive health insurance that includes mental health and substance abuse coverage, and educating employees on their coverage options, employers can help employees get the much-needed support they need to manage their mental health.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Employee Assistance Programs, or EAPs, are confidential counseling services that provide employees with access to professional therapists and counselors. These programs can help employees deal with a range of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, and depression. EAPs can also provide support for employees struggling with grief, work-life balance, relationship issues, and other personal challenges.

Providing this benefit — and educating your workforce that this benefit is available — gives employees a hugely beneficial resource they can use at any time of need.

Stress Management  & Wellness Initiatives

Stress management and wellness programs play a pivotal role in fostering a mentally healthy workplace. Employers can promote mental wellness by offering a variety of initiatives, such as mindfulness sessions, wellness challenges, and educational programs to alleviate stressors. Benefits could also include gym memberships, group classes, health coaching, or wellness workshops. By incorporating these stress management and wellness initiatives into employee benefit packages, organizations can create a holistic approach to mental health support, contributing to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Measuring & Improving Mental Health Outcomes

Employers can start to measure mental health metrics through surveys and feedback from employees. Utilization data from offered mental health services, such as therapy sessions and telehealth appointments, can also offer valuable insights. Tracking absenteeism and other productivity metrics related to mental health can also be a valuable tool. Continuous improvement strategies, including benchmarking against industry standards, can help organizations adapt their mental health initiatives to their team’s evolving needs.

Most importantly, training for leadership, employee well-being committees, and data-driven approaches to fostering a supportive workplace culture ensure the ongoing success of mental health programs.

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