After another adventurous riding season last winter, you probably prepared your snowmobile to be stored during the warmer months. From draining the fuel tank and fogging the engine, to cleaning the air filter and covering all openings, you took a few proactive steps to ensure your snowmobile could reliably hit the trails once again this winter.

But what about ensuring that your financial assets would be secure with adequate insurance coverage after summer storage? Because snowmobiles are not typically covered under standard auto or homeowners insurance plans, it’s important to obtain separate coverage that will protect against financial losses should you experience an accident, theft, or related mishap.

At Doeren Mayhew Insurance Group, we provide coverage solutions that help minimize risk while you engage in some of your favorite activities. We have extensive experience in customizing insurance policies that ensure protection from claims associated with snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles.

Our trusted advisors understand the complexities involved in choosing the right coverage given your unique risk profile and lifestyle — and where you live. Read on to learn more about the different types of insurance coverage for snowmobiles after summer storage.

Liability Insurance

In most states, it is your legal responsibility to secure liability coverage when you own a recreational vehicle like a snowmobile. This type of coverage will help protect you against third-party liability claims if someone gets hurt or property is damaged as a result of riding your snowmobile. Coverage is provided to the limit of your liability policy, thus minimizing the resulting financial strain that comes with third-party injuries and legal bills.

Medical Payments Coverage

This type of coverage helps cover any excess medical care payments if you or your passengers get hurt when the snowmobile is in use. As an add-on form of coverage, medical payments coverage helps deliver peace of mind in the event that hospital bills become particularly costly. Talk to your trusted insurance broker about looking at your existing health insurance policy before adding this form of coverage.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Hitting the slopes comes with risks that may lead to collisions and other types of accidents. Comprehensive and collision coverage can offer much-needed financial assistance after your deductible is paid if your snowmobile needs to be repaired or replaced due to accidents, thefts, vandalism, or certain perils like fire.

Before you take your snowmobile out of hibernation and perform a seasonal maintenance check, be sure that you have adequate insurance coverage to minimize risk this winter. Contact us today to learn more about our customized insurance offerings before winter arrives.